12 Real Amazing Benefits Of Skipping For Weight Loss

Remember those times when skipping rope was fun? We cannot deny the fact that each one of us has tried to skip ropes? Some enjoyed? some found it a bit hard to become a pro at it. But it is not all that difficult. It is just the brain, eye, limbs and energy coordination that we require to achieve to become a pro at it. Skipping rope was considered one of the most popular indoor sports back then and even now. So why wait? If you are looking to lose weight, skipping for weight loss is a terrific idea. It is a very effective cardio exercise that boosts the heart rate, improves our cardiovascular system and helps us burn an intensive amount of calories in a short period of time.

What Are The Factor Affecting The Calories Burnt By Skipping For Weight Loss?

Well, the number of calories you burn by skipping for weight loss depends on your body weight and the intensity with which you skip that rope. If you are heavy, you obviously need more energy to jump and thus you burn more calories keeping the intensity same as a lighter person would apply. But yes, if you applied more intensity, you could burn more calories and thus lose more weight

Skipping For Weight Loss As A Super Effective Method

Skipping rope works out all the muscles of your body and obviously, the more muscles workout during an exercise, the more calories you burn losing more weight. Skipping for weight loss is an exercise where you can keep changing the intensity with which you jump over a period of time. As a beginner, you start with low intensity skipping and as you gain control and coordination of your brain, eye, limbs and energy, you can easily enhance the intensity of the exercise while lowering it down when you are tired.

Skipping for weight loss is an exercise where you can even play around with the styles and ways to skip the rope, to turn it into a more effective cardiovascular exercise in the following ways

  • You can do singles and vary the intensity or the timing or both.
  • You can do single-leg skipping, high steps, skiers? jumps (feet together, knees bent and jump an inch to the left and an inch to the right).
  • When you feel that you are a pro at singles, you can start trying doubles or triple unders. This means that you have to jump a little bit higher and make the rope move faster so the rope passes 2 or 3 times per jump.
Benefits Of Skipping Rope

Now that we have talked about how effective skipping is for weight loss, we have to talk about other benefits skipping as an exercise offers to you.

  • Skipping for weight loss is considered to be one of the best cardio and High-Intensity Interval Training workouts.
  • Skipping for weight loss helps you lose around 1300 calories/hour (which is quite a lot actually)
  • Skipping for weight loss helps you lose more calories than running would. Another great edge it has over running is that skipping can be easily done indoors and even bad weather condition or pollution or traffic cannot come in the way of our convenient weight loss exercise.
  • You can buy a skipping rope under Rs 200 and thus, it makes it one of the most economical forms of exercise.
  • Skipping for weight loss helps in toning of the muscle also along with being a super effective weight loss exercise.
  • It tremendously improves our energy levels, balance, coordination and agility.
  • It is considered one of the best and most effective exercises for endurance training.
  • Skipping for weight loss is an all-rounder exercise that helps in toning the thighs and calf muscles. It also works wonders for your arms and abs.
  • If you compare skipping with running, skipping proves to be a less strenuous form of exercise and thus puts less pressure on the joints.
  • Skipping for weight loss improves the heart rate & health and is therefore good for blood pressure patients.
  • Skipping also helps in improving the bone density and thus reduces the chances of osteoporosis
  • Last but not the least, skipping for weight loss is one of the low cost and low maintenance exercises which can be done by people of all ages. The equipment, which is actually just the skipping rope, does not require much space to be kept and is a no maintenance equipment.
Though skipping is a low maintenance exercise which gives great benefits, you have to keep certain points in mind while doing this exercise if you wish to achieve those benefits.

And here they are:

  • The skipping rope should of good quality. A bad quality rope can injure you and ruin the mood for exercise.
  • Skipping is an exercise which is better done barefoot. Skipping barefoot has many advantages and one of them is that skipping barefoot makes your feet strong. It also helps in curing many foot related problems. If at all, you feel uncomfortable skipping barefoot, buy a good pair of shock absorbing shoes and wear them while doing this exercise.
  • For women, it is very important to wear a good sports bra while skipping failing which, it can cause a tear in the breast tissues.
  • When you decide to start skipping for weight loss, keep in mind the surface you are doing this exercise on. Totally avoid carpeted surfaces. Prefer skipping on shock absorbing surfaces like wooden floors or other smooth floors.
  • You need a fair amount of open space while skipping for weight loss. You have to ensure that you get ample space to stretch your arms and the rope does not get stuck anywhere while skipping. If you do not have enough space for skipping, you will not be able to do the exercise properly and you may get injured also.
  • Skipping being a high-intensity exercise, it requires a proper warm-up session before you start the exercise, otherwise, you may end up with an overstretched limb of muscle.

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