5 Common Mistakes that May Ruin Your Skin

The largest organ in the human body is the one you can see most easily, the skin, which also happens to be the one that is easily thrown out of whack. A change in weather can lead to those breakouts or redness. While some of you may seek help from make-up tutorials to make their pimples and acne scars disappear. Nevertheless, you can take a sigh of relief because you can easily fix the problem by identifying the culprits. Here is what you need to watch out for.

Mind your skin′s microbiome Have you heard of microbiome? It′s same as gut bacteria but it′s found on the surfaces of your body including your face. When you overuse skin products like cleansers that leave your face feeling squeaky clean, you are actually increasing the risk of microbial imbalance, hence, making your skin more prone to acne, rosacea, eczema and cirrhosis. Instead of opting for products such as antimicrobial soaps which can leave your skin dry, use products with probiotics or postbiotics to keep the different strains of healthy skin bacteria in check.

Keep your hormones in check There are number of reasons such as aging, stress or menstrual cycle that can cause your hormones to fluctuate. But the worst thing is all these imbalances are quickly reflected on your skin, especially on the areas where breakouts are more likely to occur. Even if your hormones are within normal range, your skin′s reaction to any change in hormones may make you grab your concealer. With time, your skin becomes more sensitive to hormones. Now most women often end up making things worse for their skin by trying to balance hormonal skin using moisturising creams. Experts suggest, instead of experimenting different products on your skin it is better to seek professional help. You can also try acupuncture sessions to balance hormones for long term.

Protect your skin against UV rays We all know what ultraviolet rays do to your skin but what you may not know is the UV rays which do not cause sunburn are often the ones that can destabilise your skin. So, even if you don′t feel the warmth from the harmful rays, you should wear a good SPF even if its cloudy outside. You should always put sunscreen before stepping out.

Combat seasonal changes Not just the changes in hormones but also the variations in temperature and humidity that can throw your skin off balance. During winter, your skin tends to become dry and flaky, whereas it becomes breakout prone in the summers. You can sustain the battle if not win by choosing the products that balance your skin′s pH levels.

Do not touch your face very often Touching your face often leads to acne and is a common skin care mistake. Our hands touch a variety of surfaces and carry a lot of germs and bacteria, when we touch our face it can give rise to various skin conditions. Cutting down on the unnecessary touching of the face can considerably lower the chances of developing a skin condition. Those with acne are advised not to touch their faces unnecessarily as it can aggravate their acne.

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