5 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

We're sure how to reduce belly fat is one of the most googled questions. However, finding the perfect answer is still a myth. Excess belly fat is harmful to heart and lungs. Moreover, it may increase the risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure besides preventing us from wearing our favourite dresses. So what is the right way to reduce belly fat? Well, you have landed in a safe place that believes in reducing weight and belly fat through diet and exercises. Today, we will be recommending you a few amazing belly fat reducing exercises that if followed meticulously can bring great results.

Most people look for quick fixes like cardio machines, crunches, sauna belts, tummy trimmer tablets to reduce tummy fat but of no use. Why? Because these superficial methods aren′t effective to lose belly fat. The best way to lose belly fat is to exercise and following a healthy diet.

Truweight believes in the ratio: 70% diet and 30% of exercise. So, in order to lose weight, diet is 2-3 times more effective than exercise.
To reduce belly fat naturally one needs to understand the causes of belly fat that leads to bulging tummy and other associated chronic diseases. Once we understand the cause, we will eventually tighten up our diet and focus on the fat burning foods.

Fat burning foods to reduce tummy fat

To reduce tummy fat include fat burning foods. It includes fish rich in omega 3 fats, oats and barley rich in soluble fiber and avocado + Excerpts from the blog. It includes fish, nuts, green tea, oats and barley, etc. Also, don′t forget to abide by these tips to reduce belly fat.

Belly fat reduction exercises at home Want to reduce weight faster and also reduce the tummy fat? Here are some simple belly fat exercises to get you started. Before you start with these advanced exercises you need to warm up your body for an intense workout. Why warm up exercise? Warm up exercises are must as it increases the body temperature and prepares your body to be flexible and resilient to the upcoming heavy exercises. If you do not start with a warm-up exercise you may end up causing injury to your body muscles. Get started with some of the warm-up exercises!

Presenting 5 detailed step-by-step belly fat exercises to help you get that toned midriff you have always desired. We would like to stress on the fact that only exercise with no dietary changes won′t give you the results! So strap on those workout clothes and shoes and let′s begin.

1. Washboard Flat Ab Exercise For Belly Fat A series of easy workouts focusing on the lower abs and glutes. This workout is very much effective for muscles in legs, glutes as well your lower abs.

2. Sun Salutation Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat These super easy exercises can be easily done at home. Wake up early in the morning and get started with the belly fat exercises that involve Sun Salutation, Planks, exercises to Strengthen the Back etc. Sun salutation or suryanamaskars involves inhaling and exhaling in the plank position.

3. Burn Those Flabs for the Perfect Abs A variation of workouts that is beneficial for your abs is sure to be a great belly fat reducing exercise. Go on a moderate speed on these exercises as you might end up cramping your spine. Start with these exercises right away!

4. Exercises to Burn Lower Belly Fat Lower belly fat is harder to lose than the other areas of the body because it has high amounts of fat cells. Hence, achieving those 8 packs is a great challenge. Truweight has come up with exercises that burn the lower belly fat to target this resistant fat. These belly fat exercises will tone your glutes and thighs as well.

5. Cardio belly fat reducing exercises You can easily do your cardio workouts which does not take up much time because you need to rush to work. Cardio exercises which include running and jogging helps in belly fat reduction. Adding to it, running is a great exercise for cardiovascular health.

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