5 surprising beauty benefits of amla

Beauty benefits of amla

Amla can be used to treat a number of skin and hair conditions, naturally. While many of us know the health benefits of amla (Indian gooseberry) juice, not many are aware of its use in beauty treatments. The fruit which is available in abundance helps to tone and tighten your skin, make your hair shiny and dandruff-free. But that's not all, here is how this versatile fruit helps you in your endeavour to remain beautiful and glowing.

Removes acne marks

Amla helps remove acne marks and blemishes in a natural way. Apply amla juice on your face, and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. If you have a sensitive skin, dilute the juice with water and apply. Be consistent with this treatment for better results.

Helps get rid of dead skin

Amla juice can be used as a face scrub as it helps exfoliate the skin well. The antioxidants and Vitamin C in amla help to tone, tighten the skin, and make it firm. Take a spoonful of amla powder and mix it with hot water. Use this paste to scrub your face, rinse it off after five minutes. You can add a little turmeric in the paste, if you wish.

Controls hair fall

Amla is quite effective in controlling hair fall. Take some dried amla and boil it in water. Once it?s thoroughly boiled, mash them and make a pulpy paste. You can apply it as paste on the scalp as well as on the hair. This treatment can be done once a week. It controls hair fall. Use amla juice on your hair and rinse off after half an hour for an all-new mane shine. You can use amla hair oil before washing your hair on a regular basis to avoid thinning and dry hair. Amla oil is an excellent conditioner and gives a natural shine to the tresses.

How to make amla hair oil at home

Fresh amla juice - one cup Coconut oil - one cup Remove the seeds from fresh amlas and pound it using a mortar and pestle. Grind the amla in a mixer without adding water. Strain the amla and keep the juice in a bowl. In a pan, boil coconut oil and amla juice. After 10-15 minutes, the sizzle will stop and the water would haver evaporated. A brown colour paste will settle down in the pan. Switch off the flame and allow it to cool. Strain the mixture and store it in a glass container. You can apply this to your hair 20 minutes before you wash your hair, to get shiny, lustrous and bouncy locks.

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