9 Simple Yoga Asanas & Tips for Weight Loss

Yoga asanas for weight loss is now a hot topic for the fitness freaks and why not? Among the so-called ?quick? weight loss measures like starvation diet, zero calorie diet, weight loss pills, machines and cosmetic surgeries, weight loss yoga exercises come out as a natural and safe way to not just shed weight but also to maintain a healthy body. But the question is if there are specific yoga asanas for weight loss.

The answer would be a big YES. As studies on yoga asanas have been developing more, we have come to know that there are certain yoga poses that aims at weight loss that too from particular areas. I have compiled here 9 weight loss yoga asanas that you can try at the comfort of your own home.

Recommended Weight Loss Yoga Asanas

There are different weight loss yoga exercises that can not only help in cutting down fats but also in keeping the body healthy and calm. Yoga exercises are the ways of living that act as a mediator in achieving spiritual peace.

1. Sun salutation Start your yoga session with a Surya Namaskar or sun salutation. It will not only warm you up but will also help you stretch and tone up your abdominal organs. This yoga exercise is simple and is the perfect yoga for beginners. This strengthens the skeletal system and is an important yoga pose for weight loss because it prevents building up of fats. There are 12 surya namaskar yoga poses like pranamasana, Hasta Uttanasana, Dandasana.

2. Half-moon Pose This is one of the popular weight loss yoga asanas that also helps in keeping the fatty love handles away. Moreover, this pose helps in strengthening the abdominal region as well as the ankles, thighs, buttocks and spine. This yoga exercise is also found to improve body coordination and digestion process.

3. Boat Pose This is another power yoga for weight loss that helps in toning of the abs too. As shown in the picture, you need to sit on the mat and stretch your legs to 45 degrees in the shape of a boat. This yoga pose is known to be effective in cutting down belly fat and also strengthening lower and upper body.

4. Locust Pose This weight loss yoga asana helps in stretching the entire body. Besides targeting stretches in the abdomen, buttocks, upper and lower back, it also helps in reducing fats from the hip region.

5. Upward dog Pose This is easy and yet effective yoga pose for weight loss. It provides strength to the whole body. This yoga asana also helps in aligning the spine. So it is great for people who are sitting 8-9 hours at work.

6. Bow Pose It helps in strengthening the abdominal core. Besides that, it also helps in weight loss as well as helps in improving digestion.

7. Shoulder stand PoseIn this pose, you have to balance the whole body on your shoulders. It is one important yoga asana for maintaining the thyroid gland. It also strengthens the arms and shoulders. This yoga asana also helps in maintaining physical and mental health. This is also a highly recommended for weight loss yoga asana.

8. Triangle Pose Besides being a weight loss yoga asana, this pose helps in improving health and stamina. It is also known to cut down fats from the stomach, hips, thigh and waist areas.

9. Plough Pose This yoga pose tones the muscles of your body. It engages all the major muscles in your body and hence helps in getting rid of fats from the body. This asana is good to stretch your muscles of the thighs and arms.

8 Recommended Weight Loss Yoga Exercise Tips

  • Learn how to do the yoga poses very carefully and precisely.
  • Get yourself a good material yoga mat that firmly supports you.
  • Leave your shoes out of your yoga place.
  • Switch off or keep your phone away while performing yoga.
  • Choose the right comfortable clothes for yoga.
  • Don′t think about how you must be looking while doing your yoga asanas.
  • Calm yourself and try to focus on meditating during yoga.
  • Keep your breathing calm and stress-free.

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