Best and Worst Drinks for Weight Loss

What you drink is often ignored when looking to control the intake of calories, to lose weight. However, you must pay heed to it as there are plenty of drinks with loads of calories that will end all your hopes of weight loss.

Making an informed choice helps improve metabolism, controls the appetite and bring down the calorie intake. Be informed on which drinks need to be avoided and which ones to be preferred on your way to weight loss.

Best drinks for weight loss

Green Tea ? It is the best drink for people who cannot do without caffeine daily. Some compounds found in green tea lead to weight loss. It has a beneficial effect on your metabolism which helps in absorbing fat from your body. Have the drink twice daily.

Vegetable Juice ? Pennsylvania State University conducted a study on the effect of vegetable juice on calorie intake of a person. It was found that having a glass of vegetable juice before your meal helps you to eat 135 calories lesser.

Coconut Water ? It is very good for accelerating your metabolism to give you energy which can be used in workouts for burning calories. It contains a lot of electrolytes which increase the rate of metabolism. Make sure that you avoid the flavouring and extra sugar generally put in the juice.

Yoghurt ? If you put more of yoghurt in your smoothies, the calcium contained in it helps to burn fat in your body and particularly belly fat. These were the findings of a research done by University of Tennessee. Greek yoghurt is the healthiest choice for making a weight loss drink.

Fruit Juice ? These may not help to bring down the calorie intake so much but the nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants that fruit juices provide make them a good choice, especially as a substitute for sweetened sodas.

Drinks to avoid for weight loss

Soda Drinks ? Your soda drinks have loads of empty calories you can do without. Even the diet sodas do not help in weight loss as their effect is temporary.

Energy Drinks ? Energy drinks used by sportspersons are also full of calories. The nutrients that are added in them are available from other low-carb drinks.

Fancy Coffee ? Coffee with a little sugar and skimmed milk may not be so bad but those that have whipped cream, ice-cream and lots of sugar gives you more calories than a full meal.

Beer ? Regular serving of beer has around 150 calories and it is not unusual to have 2 or more servings on an outing. Those sincere about losing weight should stay away from this drink.

Full-Cream Milk ? This drink is not a healthy option for you. Remove the cream before drinking or simply choose toned milk.

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