Correlation Between Almonds and Weight Gain

When it comes to weight loss, people usually consider diet rich in fruits and vegetables as the way to go. If you are one of them, it would surprise you to know that eating almonds is an effective method of weight loss. Do not consider almonds to be a holiday food only, especially if want to lose weight. Although there is a correlation between almonds and weight gain too, but we will see how you can be judicious in eating the nut and derive health benefits out of it.

Almonds to Avoid Weight Gain

In a study undertaken by an acclaimed journal on Obesity, they came to the conclusion that if a person?s diet contained almonds; he lost weight more effectively in than those whose diet did not contain almonds. The reason suggested by the team of researchers conducting the study was that since all calories are equal, the high monounsaturated fat content of almonds cannot be fully absorbed by the body. Moreover, almonds contain fibre which does not get digested and the body actually needs to burn more calories to process them. Thus, it helps to lose weight.

Besides being rich in fibre, almonds also have a high proportion of protein, which is one of the important nutrients in any weight loss plan. However, eating almonds can lead to weight gain too, if you are not careful of the calorie intake.

How Eating Almonds Can Cause Weight Gain

Almonds are very nutritious nuts but they do contain a good amount of calories. According to Department of Agriculture of US government, 28 grams of almonds contain around 165 calories, made up of 6 grams each of protein and carbohydrates, 1 gram of sugar, 14 grams of fat and 3.5 grams of fibre. Whether you will gain weight or lose weight is completely dependent on the intake of calories and how much of it was burned.

So, almonds are not themselves responsible for your weight gain or loss, it is the related lifestyle that determines it. It is a good option for people looking for healthy weight gain. They should aim to have 3500 more calories than they burn through physical activities. So, weight loss or weight gain through almonds boils down to the balancing of calories intake depending on your intention. Regardless of the intention of eating, almonds are very healthy nuts.

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