Expert reveals the snacks you should eat, according to your body type

"Whether it′s 11.30am, 3pm or straight after you get home from work, most people have a slump which makes them crave a snack during the day.

But did you know you shouldn′t just snack on whatever′s closest, or whatever you think is best for you? That instead, it pays to snack according to your body type?

From the ectomorph body shape to the endomorph and mesomorph types, FEMAIL takes a look at what you should put into your body, depending on its shape.


According to leading Sydney-based dietitian, Gabrielle Maston, you will know if you are an endomorph if you have ′high body fat levels and a tendency to gain weight easily′.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce characterise this style, and often endomorphs are good at weightlifting or strength-based sports, while they are less good at cardio.

′If you tend to hold on to weight, and are an endomorph, too much snacking is not a good idea,′ Ms Maston tells Daily Mail Australia.

′If you are going to snack, pick low calorie items such as sticks of vegetables, fruit, yoghurt and whole grain crackers.′

Studies also suggest that endomorphs do well when they stick to high fat and high protein diets, while keeping their carbohydrates controlled.

With a naturally larger bone structure and higher amounts of total body mass, this body type is less good at burning off excess calories from carbs.

Nuts and berries are also good things to eat to keep your energy levels high.


Ectomorphs typically ′describe bodies that are lean and long,′ says Ms Maston.

′They have difficulty building muscle and have a smaller bone structure.′

Ms Maston recommends if you′re an ectomorph like Victoria Beckham and Cameron Diaz, that you eat rich things as much as possible:

′Theoretically an ectomorph should be able to snack on anything they like,′ she says.

′A fast metabolism means they can easily stay lean and have low levels of body fat despite their food choices.

′I would suggest if this is the case that you change your snacks into meals that contain a rich source of carbs, protein and fats.

′Make your meals as energy dense as possible to avoid unwanted weight loss, and weight train to give your body shape and to help you hold on to lean muscle.′

Porridge, nut butters and oat cakes have all been recommended for ectomorphs in the past.


Mesomorph body shapes usually have a medium-sized frame and an athletic, lean build.

′Mesomorphs are muscular and solid,′ says Ms Maston.

Think Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry and you′re on the right lines.

′They have a high metabolic rate and tend to have low levels of body fat,′ Ms Maston says.

′Pick high protein snacks to feed the muscle you have, such as yoghurt, whole grain crackers with tuna, a hard boiled eggs and salad or a protein shake.′

Experts also agree that a mixed, balanced diet, with 40 per cent coming from carbohydrates, 30 per cent from protein and 30 per cent from fats works well."

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