Five foods that can cause problems if consumed on an empty stomach!

Hunger can often compel you to make wrong decisions like grabbing anything that looks even remotely appetising to you and consuming it.

Of course, it may give you a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction on pacifying your taste buds, but if you have to think about whether it will agree with your stomach at the time.

One of the biggest mistakes is consuming certain foods on an empty stomach. Doing this can cause digestive issues and problems like gastric ulcers, acid reflux and constipation along with other problems that may cause discomfort.

Below is a list of five foods that should not be consumed on an empty stomach. Have a look!

1. Tomatoes

High levels of tannic acid in tomatoes can increase the acidity of the stomach. There is an increase in the production of gastric juices, thanks to the Vitamin C content, which causes heartburn and gastric problems. If you are on medication, it is advisable to avoid eating tomatoes on an empty stomach since they can also cause gastric ulcers.

2. Soda

Soda′s are high on sugar content and drinking it on an empty stomach, could be one of the worst decisions you could make. You will feel bloated and it will also slow down your metabolism. The sugars in soda will travel straight to the bloodstream because there is no food in your stomach. This will cause the blood vessels to widen and result in temporary feelings of warmth, temporary decrease in pulse rate, as well as blood pressure.

3. Green vegetables

Known as containing numerous health benefits, people often think it′s okay to eat green veggies on an empty stomach. Wrong! As these veggies are high in amino acid they may cause heartburn and abdominal pain if eaten on an empty stomach.

4. Yogurt

One of the most common breakfast choices, yogurt is not the best option first thing in the morning. Yogurt contains bacteria which kills the good bacteria present in stomach, thus causing acidity and flatulence.

5. Spicy food

You may love the zing, but is it a wise choice to make when you′re running on an empty stomach? No. All that chilly may damage the gastric wall, causing the secretion of acids to increase, thus disturbing the wall of stomach and intestinal mucosa. This can result in severe irritation in gastric wall and may lead to ulcers.

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