How you should wash your face?

Cleansing your face morning and night is the most basic part of any skincare routine.

But if you're completing this task while in the shower - you're not doing your appearance any favours.

While many of us would assume that tilting our face upwards beneath refreshing running water is the key to getting squeaky clean skin, the heat and pressure of the water is in fact causing damage, skincare expert Kaye Scott told Daily Mail Australia.

'A lot of people still wash their faces under the shower, at the same temperature and pressure as what they wash their body with,' revealed Ms Scott, founder and co-director of The Clinic in Sydney's Bondi.

'But this is not a good idea.

'A hot shower can cause and exacerbate fragile capillary networks in the cheeks, leading to unattractive, visible capillary networks and worsened impaired skin conditions,' she said.

Other dermatologists agree that such hot conditions for our skin can lead to over-cleansing and can also rid our faces of their natural, protective oils.

Pleasurable as it might feel to stand under scalding hot water, it can serve to irritate and dry out the skin as well as dilating blood vessels - making your face look more red.

'The best way to keep your skin looking its flawless best is to cleanse and rinse at the bathroom sink, always ensuring the tap water is tepid, no hotter,' Scott said.

Because you're not directly facing in to the stream of water to rinse off your cleanser, you save your skin from damage.

When you wash your face at the sink you're cupping the water, which means you're using less and you are also making it cooler on your skin.

Plus, such a cleansing technique also gives you the option to turn on the cold tap and splash your face at the end of your routine, which can help to close your pores and stimulate circulation.

Both of these small swaps are useful for the delicate skin on our faces, and they also mean you avoid accidentally mixing shampoo and conditioner meant for your hair with your face product.

Shampoo and conditioner also wreak havoc on your facial skin, while the water from the shower mixed in with the shampoo will help to aggressively dehydrate your skin.

According to Scott, the most common type of damage to the skin is broken capillaries.

Beloved by their roster of celebrity clients, The Clinic use IPL (Intense Pulse Light) to treat such damage.

Head to the sink with confidence next time you wash your face. And invest that extra 3-5 minutes in to your morning routine.

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