Man has lived with giant neck for 13 years after going to doctors for help

A man has lived with a hugely swollen neck for years after he had a bad reaction to treatment.

Wang Zhixiang, 55, went to a doctor to get help with his cricked neck, caused by an injury at work as a labourer.

But instead of curing the problem, things got a lot worse.

Doctors tried hormonotherapy ? a practice used in some cancer cases where the body is pumped with hormones.

Wang thinks it was this which caused a bad reaction, with his neck starting to grow a tumour which made his neck more than double its original size.

The incident happened in 2004 in Jilin City, Jilin Province, north-eastern China.

He undertook the hormone therapy but in 2005 after suffering with the pain for months, but then his neck started to grow.

At first, it was mistaken for thyromegaly ? an enlarged thyroid that swells when the metabolism in the body is out of sync.

He went back to the doctor′s who after numerous tests at the hospital in Changchun Hospital in Jilin Province diagnosed him with lipomyoma ? a tumour ? at the base of the neck.

But because Wang has no money, the disease cannot be treated.

Doctors have told the desperate man he needs more than 100,000 RMB (?11,600) to have an operation, but his family cannot afford it.

It does not threaten him as the growth, a lipoma, is benign.

However, as it measures 30cm wide it makes it impossible to live a normal life.

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