Manage oily skin in winters with these steps

Your skin requires extra attention during the winter season. If you have oily skin, it can be very difficult for you to manage your skin. You have to apply moisturiser regularly during winter to avoid dryness and skin irritation. It often becomes hard to choose between moisturisers. As winter creams are high in oils they can make your skin extra oily. You should be careful about the ingredients in the moisturiser to avoid extra oil. But it is hard to avoid creams during the winter season. You can follow some ways which can help you control oil on your skin. Read on to know ways to manage oily skin during winters.

Pick an oil-free cream Creams and moisturiser are your best friends during winter. You need to apply them many times a day to avoid dryness. But if you have oily skin you need an oil-free moisturiser. There are many types available in the market which are water and gel based and oil free. You should also look for creams which have vitamin E in them. As vitamin E is good for oily skin. Make sure that you apply an oil-free cream after washing your face every time.

Exfoliate your skin Exfoliation is the best way to keep skin healthy. Oily skin removes the extra oil and dirt from the skin pores which can lead to breakouts. It a method of cleaning the skin which removes the oil from the skin. You can use a mild scrub to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis.

Choose oil-free makeup Makeup is a daily routine for many girls. When it comes to oily skin you should be very particular about the ingredients of your makeup products. Choose more powder products as they do not add extra oil to your skin. Liquid makeup products can increase the oil in your skin and can make your skin more greedy.

Say no to petroleum jelly Petroleum jelly contains a lot of oil. Avoid applying petroleum jelly on your face and lips. Rather choose an oil-free moisturiser and cream. You can use herbal lip balms.

Wash your face regularly Washing your face is another way to get rid of excess oil from your skin. Make it a routine to wash your face regularly even in winter season. It will also ensure that your skin remains dirt free. After washing your face apply an oil-free cream.

Stay hydrated Drinking more water is the best way to keep your skin healthy and glowing. It is a way to flush out toxins from your body. It will keep the excess oil away from your skin and keep your skin hydrated naturally.

Do not overuse moisturisers Use the moisturiser at the right time, do not overuse it. Don't apply moisturiser all the time, only use when needed. Apply moisturiser after washing your face or taking a shower.

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