Skinny jeans and big fluffy hoods contribute to back pain

Skinny jeans and coats with big fluffy hoods can contribute to painful back problems, chiropractors have warned.

Nearly three-quarters of women have experienced back pain, according to a survey by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), who said fashionable clothing including backless shoes, oversized bags and heavy statement jewellery were partly to blame.

Wearing very tight jeans can restrict mobility and force other muscles to strain as they try to compensate for the resulting change in posture, chiropractor Rishi Loatey told The Independent.

?If they?re incredibly tight, you won?t be able to walk as you normally would,? he said.

?You?ve got a natural gait, or stride, that you would take, and the knee, hip and lower back all move to minimise the pressure coming up through the joints.

"However, if one of those areas isn?t moving as it should be, it′s going to cause more pressure elsewhere.?

While 73 per cent of women from a sample of more than 2,000 said they have had back pain, more than a quarter ? 28 per cent ? said they were aware their clothing affects their posture and back and neck pain, but did not take this into account when choosing what to wear.

Lower back pain is the most common cause of disability worldwide, with 9.4 per cent of people suffering from it, according to a previous study.

High heels, which cause muscles in the back of the leg and the calf to tighten and pull on the pelvis differently, have long been culprits of back pain.

A number of high-profile campaigns against ′sexist? dress codes requiring women to wear high heels at work have made reference to this fact.

But backless shoes, flimsy ballet pumps and some soft boots can also damage your back if they are worn too often, said Mr Loatey.

?If you imagine the back of a shoe, the bit that goes round the back is supposed to be quite firm, so it grips the rear foot,? he said. ?If you don?t have that, then your foot is more mobile in the shoe.?

?If they?re not the right size, they?re a bit loose or they don?t have the bit at the back, you?re almost gripping the shoe as you walk, which again changes the way you walk,? said Mr Loatey, adding that ideally shoes should be laced up at the front to make sure the foot is held firmly.

A third of women surveyed by the BCA were unaware that their clothing choices could harm their backs and necks.

Mr Loatey said people should try and wear clothes that allow them to move more freely. Heavy hoods and over-shoulder bags can both restrict movement.

They should also consider limiting the amount of time they spent wearing high heels or backless shoes and consider travelling to work or social events in trainers or other well-supported shoes instead, he said.

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