Stop Lusting For a Radiant Skin Possess it with the Help of Super Foods

Tired of rubbing cream on your cheeks every night and still don′t see the desired results? Various face creams, night mousses and other face applicants can bring out the desired results superficially but a naturally glowing skin is one that appears radiant even when you are without any make-up on! Here are a few tips on how to use foods meant for natural radiance.

Avoid caffeine. No matter how stressed you are and craving for that hot cup of coffee, opt for an alternative like lemonade and other fruit juices that not only leave you refreshed, but also are healthy and effective de-stressors Skin needs anti-oxidants from time to time so that it can breathe freely. Caffeine leaves your skin paler and causes dehydration.

Learn this new way of using coffee to get a naturally radiant face. Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, beat it and add a pinch to your sunscreen cream to protect skin from the sun.

Include soy protein in your diet. Protein helps in strengthening your skin fibres and gives a tightening effect in the long run. It also prevents the skin collagen from breaking down as you are ageing. Therefore, start consuming nutrella products like tofu, sprouts, fish, egg whites and other food items that are high on protein to look younger!

Replace the morning cup of milk tea with green tea. It is herbal, light on stomach and one of the best known oxidant providers to the skin. Furthermore, green tea helps in fighting several gum-related diseases.

Have omega-3 capsules twice a day or consume foods rich in it such as, walnuts, flaxseeds, sardines and olive oil. These are the best known sources of omega-3.

Munch on 10?12 raisins of good quality every alternate day. Raisins help fight the bacteria present in the mouth and give a healthy set of teeth and gums. Raisins have large amount of anti-oxidants, vitamins and mineral deposits in them that help the skin gain luster. Furthermore, raisins are rich in copper and iron that produce red blood cells in the body. Munch on to get rid of that pale skin.

Chew two to three basil leaves everyday early in the morning after having a glass of water. It keeps you healthy and is the best herbal anecdote for good health. Basil leaves keep diseases at bay and also supply concentrated Vitamin A and beta-carotene to the body.

Put cucumber slices on the eyes to reduce puffiness. You can also dab some cucumber juice on the skin and leave it till it dries completely. Wash it with water and feel natural radiance seep into your skin instantly.

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