Surgery addict rushed to hospital after his body REJECTED his new nose

An air steward who has undergone 42 operations to look like ′Barbie′s Ken′ is being treated for a potentially life-threatening condition after his body rejected his new nose.

Rodrigo Alves, who has spent ?305,000 on plastic surgery, is in hospital with necrosis - where the flesh begins to die - after undergoing a nose reconstruction.

After the operation, a hole began to appear in his nose and his new septum appeared to come loose.

Slowly, the hole grew and he began having trouble breathing and so was sent to hospital in Malaga, Spain, where he is now receiving antibiotics through an IV drip every eight hours.

Doctors say the infection may eat through his nose into his face - which could become gangrenous - and so it may have to be removed.

The 32-year-old, who is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but now lives in London, is desperate to fly back to the UK to receive treatment.

Speaking from the hospital, he said: ′I had nose reconstruction three months ago and it appears the new cartilage has been rejected by my body.

′It is very frightening and I′m trying to get back to London as soon as possible for help.

′My breathing has been getting worse for the last three days and now my nose is completely blocked.

′A horrible hole has appeared in my nostril and the infection is eating my nose and I′ve been warned if it is not stopped it could eat into my face.

′It′s very hot and dusty here and I wonder whether this might have set the infection off.′

Necrosis is a known complication of plastic surgery in which a loss of blood supply causes the new flesh to die.

This condition can quickly trigger more severe complications including blood poisoning and gangrene.

In some cases, the dead tissue must be cut away, or debrided - and so Mr Alves still does not know whether doctors will have to remove his new nose.

Necrosis is the body′s cells dying prematurely due to a lack of blood supply.

This tissue death can occur anywhere on the body and is usually caused by an external factor such as injury, infection, or chemicals.

If a substantial area of tissue dies completely the condition is know as gangrene.

This can quickly trigger blood poisoning and so is thought to be a medical emergency.

Treatment involves the removal of the dead tissue, keeping the area clean and antibiotics.

He said: ′I′m very upset and very worried. I′m very hot and feverish and doctors are giving me conflicting advice.

′I first got sent to an ears , eyes and nose specialist but then I got transferred to an infections specialist. It appears the skin inside my nose has died and I may need a complete reconstruction.

′I′ve been feeling unwell for several days but everything in Spain happens so slowly. I really want to get home and get expert treatment but I need another session on these drips.′

This is not the first time his obsession with plastic surgery has led to serious health problems.

Three years ago, Mr Alves suffered dangerous complications after undergoing a procedure to enhance his biceps, triceps and shoulders with silicone.

The chemical leaked into his system and within days his arms has swelled so much that he couldn′t feed or bathe himself.

Soon he was back in hospital having litres of fluid drained from his body. He was perilously close to death.

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