The best effective and natural plants for a good memory

Do you suffer from lack of concentration, poor memory, attention problems, difficulty remembering lessons or names or facts?

To stimulate his memory and preserve it as long as possible, we would like to find natural and safe solutions to our health

It′s time to do a little natural cure, herbal, to wake up his brain and give it energy !

we need these remedies during the exam period or when meetings and professional meetings are combined it′s time to take care of your brain

Here are the ideal remedies to help you during exam preparation or a boost in daily life.

Ginkgo biloba helps the brain to memorize :

Ginkgo biloba is the subject of much research. it is a plant that causes dilation of the blood vessels that irrigate the brain, microvessels included, which facilitates its oxygenation and diet.

The brain needs 20% of the oxygen in the blood

then this plant allows it to promote a better circulation of blood in the body mainly and exactly at the level of the cerebral area

so your brain will be better oxygenated as well as it will improve its cognitive functions The World Health Organization assumes and recognizes the use of standardized extract of Ginkgo leaves to treat memory loss and impaired concentration

Bacopa to improve memory :

Bacopa is well known for its stimulating virtues of mental functions.

It is recommended to treat various disorders and problems affecting the intellect and central nervous system, for example (anxiety, cognition or attention disorders, depression, neurological disorders)

Numerous studies have also shown that Bacopa is able to improve memory in students to improve short-term memory, mental arithmetic, concentration

Sage improves memory and concentration :

Sage has been used traditionally as a food as well as a medicine.

this nutrient is very known to promote digestion and improve the well-being of women (painful periods, menopause, hot flashes ?), It is used to treat infections of the mucous membranes, but it is also very beneficial to memory.

One study has shown that sage helps improve memory and attention skills.

Patients suffering from Alzheimer′s have seen their memory capacity improve slightly under the effect of this plant

Sage is a natural medicine of the grandmother, it is good for your brain and for all the rest of your body

Blueberry helps memory :

Blueberry, this sweet little berry is very well known for its function of improving the sight

It is an essential food for drivers and drivers, allowing them to improve night vision. it protects brain tissue, improves motor function, and helps restore memory.

Green tea protects neurons :

Among the drugs available today to treat people with mild to moderately severe Alzheimer′s disease

Green tea would be effective against mild memory loss that some people may be suffering from.

This effect is due to theanine, an amino acid naturally present in tea the theanine can therefore be fixed on receptors located at the level of synapses of neurons, and thus facilitate the transmission of information.

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