This Yoga Flow Will Instantly Boost Your Mood

Sure, yoga is a great way to tone your body, but it can do wonders for your mind too. A regular yoga practice can help you feel more grounded, boost your mood, and ease symptoms of anxiety and depression too. If you?re in need of some good vibes, you?ve come to the right place. This 38-minute flow from yoga instructor Noemi Henriquez will leave you feeling whole lot better than you did before (that′s a promise!). The sequence is great for both novice and intermediate yogis, since it starts with the basics and works up to a few more advanced poses toward the end. You′ll begin by lying on your stomach and lifting your chest to open it up. Lift your chin too and gaze at the sky. Next, you′ll get into a tabletop position and do cat-cow pose to stretch your back and core muscles.
Moves like forward folds, downward dog, and tree pose test your balance and flexibility. You′ll also do some planks to build abdominal strength. Henriquez designed this routine to focus on stretching and lengthening your whole body, to help you feel more in tune with yourself. The next time you need a quick pick-me-up, find a quiet room, grab your mat, and give it a try.

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