Top Fitness Stars Share Their Most Common Workout Habits

Instagram fitness stars Kayla Itsines, Sjana Elise, Kelsey Wells, Katie Austin and Tone It Up girls Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn dish on their hardest workouts, what makes them feel beautiful, and much more.

Favorite time to workout... Everyone has an opinion about the best time of day to get your sweat on. We asked the Instagram stars that give us major inspo when they prefer to work out.

Favorite mottos to live by... If you scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook to get the daily dose of fitspiration that motivates you to hit the gym or yoga class, you′re not alone: Famous fitness influencers use inspiring mottos to stay motivated and moving in their own lives too. And although Instagram′s biggest fitness stars dedicate much of their lives to building muscle and inspiring their viewers to break a sweat, some of their go-to mottos focus on mental health, self-acceptance, and self-care.

What makes them feel beautiful... Whether it′s a certain outfit, being in the presence of loved ones, or hitting the gym or your favorite workout class or a sweat session, we all have those things that make us feel more confident and beautiful in our own skin. Even fitness influencers and Instagram stars have little tricks for boosting their moods and self-confidence.

Why they love working out.. After you turn exercise into a habit, hitting the gym, going for a run, or completing a daily yoga practice can actually become addicting. But what gets people to enjoy working out in the first place? To get some inspiration, we asked 6 Instagram fitness stars to share why they love working out and why they fell in love with sweating it out in the first place.

Their hardest workout... You see them in your Instagram feed, performing awe-inspiring moves and demonstrating their dazzling athletic ability. They make it look easy, so it can be easy to get lost in the apparent perfection and forget that every burpee, plank, and headstand comes from hard work.

On makeup at the gym... Some women love to get gussied up before they hit the gym. Others couldn′t imagine wearing makeup while they get sweaty. So we wondered, what do the experts think?

Gym pet peeves... Whether it′s someone hogging the elliptical or equipment coated in sweat, we all have pet peeves at the gym. And our favorite fitness stars aren′t immune to these workout annoyances either.

Their favorite unhealthy foods... Imagine if brownies were healthy. If ice cream was good for you. But they're not, sadly. As it turns out, your favorite fitness stars suffer junk food cravings too. They're just like us!

On what people get wrong about fitness... Social media stars are busy spreading the message that there isn′t one ′right way? to get fit. (The best way is what works best for you!) And influencers will be the first to tell you there isn′t one definition of a ?fit? body.

Their favorite place other than the gym... They may live for fitness, but that doesn′t mean they kick it in the weight room 24/7. We wanted to find out how they spend their days, so we asked them about their favorite places to be on the rare occasions they aren′t getting sweaty.

What makes their workout unique... When you′re trying to stay in shape, it′s not only important that your workouts are physically challenging. You should also make sure you include a variety of different exercises, and that you actually enjoy doing them. This will help you see results, stick to your fitness plan, and avoid plateauing and boredom. So how do you keep your routine fresh and fun? We asked fitness influencers what they do to make their workouts stand out from the rest.

What they do before bed... We know how our favorite Instagram stars work it in the gym, but what′s on the agenda when it′s time to wind down for the night? We asked them for the scoop on how they prep for bed.

Favorite workout songs... A fire playlist is a great way to get pumped up and focused during a workout. In fact, researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that exercising with music can motivate you to work harder, increase your heart rate, and help you burn more calories. Ever wondered what your favorite Instagram fitness stars jam to during their workout sessions?

The bodypart they most want to strengthen... It′s hard to believe that all-star fitness influencers have anything to work on when it comes to their bodies. After all, they′re known for their impressive physiques. But even the fittest trainers have body parts they prioritize during their workouts. So we wanted to know, what body area do you most want to strengthen?

Their favorite snacks... Need help finding a healthy, go-to afternoon or late night snack? We asked our favorite fitness influencers what they like to munch on when they need a quick bite.

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